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Car Insurance and Home Insurance from Cornhill Direct Insurance
Car Insurance

 For quality and benefits, choose a company with Defaqto rated
5-star quality policies

Defaqto is a leading independent financial research company, and their rating system provides a genuine insight into the quality of different financial products. Cornhill Direct's Car and Home policies have been rated as 5-star for quality according to Defaqto’s system – this is the highest possible rating and puts our products among the best in the market.

The Defaqto rating only measures the quality of cover of policies, it does not take premiums into account. So choosing an insurance company with high ratings for their products can be extremely reassuring – it provides customers with the knowledge that their chosen policy will help to cover them in the event of a loss. Many customers prefer to pay a few extra pounds to get quality cover, and choosing 5-star quality products enables them to do this with confidence.

When you choose Cornhill Direct, you don’t just choose an insurance company with 5-star products – you choose a company that’s de facto one of the best. That’s worth a closer look. You can get a quote here.